"...King Orba's music is really unique, interesting, special...but not only this..
the whole recent release is simply, totally groovy!!" -Lord Litter
The Musician          
The Actor        

King Orba is currently working with acting legend Sir Anthony Hopkins on the upcoming movie "Slipstream".

The Academy Award winning actor is directing the film, which he also wrote. Release date set for 2007.


"King Orba music is the Thing, making it very difficult to describe. This is almost Classic Pop Rock verging on Pop Opera. We Like it That Much! We'd Love More From King Orba..."

       -The Fevered Brain of RadioMike

This Austin based singer/songwriter and originator of King Orba has had some note-worthy success as an indie artist, with 3 published songs in the recent Kevin Spacey movie "The Life of David Gale", and a video that followed, which was nominated for Best Rock Video by the late Austin Music Network. Austin radio station KLBJ has spun several King Orba tunes on their Local Licks program, as well as airplay on KUT & KOOP... His new band is playing the live music scene in the capitol city...