The Actor


...... For those unfamiliar with King Orba, his sound lies somewhere in between Chris Robinson of the Black Crowes and Jack Johnson. He sites artist as diverse as T. Rex, Prince, Willie Nelson and the Sex Pistols, as influences. King Orba keeps things loose and upbeat, and punches in found sound such as an AM radio- most poignantly on a song about fishing with his grandmother - or drumsticks on a cola bottle. The bulk of his oeuvre is recoreded on a TASCAM 4-track. He fell in love with his porta-studio and recalls 12-hour tryst that kept the neighbors up: "Yeah, hi... it's about 3:30. Can we stop with the music for the night?" ...There's just so much to write and sing about. This may explain his prolific songwriting, but it does nothing to explain his proficiency in relating an experience in rich visual language. There are few musicians whose message comes across clearly without labored study. Every song of King Orba's that I've heard, receives this hallmark... by Will Chancellor PUSH    Magazine 02-03